Environmental Translation

Focused Environmental Translations from German into English

Do you want to bring your renewable energy technology in front of an English-speaking audience and attract new business?

Here are my specific areas of expertise I can help you with:

With my expertise in the field of environmental studies and my fluency in German language, I can help get your product in front of a larger audience and solidify new business. This would result in long-term business growth.

EU Standards

The EU has long been an advocate for renewable energy. Eleven European Union member states have already hit their 2020 renewable energy targets.

As an environmental translator, I am committed to transferring these standards and goals to an even wider audience of English-speakers to initiate further positive growth.

By entrusting me with your translation, I can ensure your message is conveyed in the most accurate and authentic way, while preserving EU values and standards.
Here are some examples of documents I can translate for you:

And more!

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest issue facing the planet today. This global threat demands a global conversation made possible only by the help of translators and interpreters.

By assisting with negotiations and discussions, translation plays an important role in making this global conversation possible and helping to implement changes.

Allow me to use my knowledge of climate change and its corresponding terminology to communicate your research, products and information to the English-speaking world.

Right now, the only thing that’s standing in the way is the language barrier.

I can dissolve that language barrier for you.