Legal Translation

Premium Legal Translations from German into English

Mistranslation of a legal document could lead to lawsuits and fines. Prevent that from happening by investing in a professional legal translator.

Here are my specific areas of expertise:

Every country comes with its own law culture and with that, its own individual legal language. Along with expressing the semantic meaning of a legal document, a good translator must also be familiar with the country’s legal system in order for it to be an accurate and authentic translation.

As a professional linguist with over 4 years’ experience in legal translation, you can entrust me with all your future projects.

You can expect:


All your projects will be handled with complete confidentiality and security and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Extensive Quality Control

All of my translations are into my mother tongue: English. On top of that, I always carry out a quality control check on every translation which comprises of: terminology review, translation formatting and a consistency and coherence check. To me, this is an imperative part of the translation process to warrant a 100% accurate translation.


In all my time as a translator, I have never missed a translation deadline. I like to follow the German rule of thumb that it’s better to be five minutes early than one minute late. You can therefore expect your translation to be delivered on time, every time.

Here are further services I offer:

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